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Why is Autumn called Fall?

As a fan of gravity and the outdoors, I have been enjoying both as I watch the leaves fall from the trees. That autumn is also called fall seems obviously related to what I’m witnessing. But what is obvious is not always accurate. Why is Autumn called Fall? I consulted my favorite professor. According to…

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Gravitational Wave Astronomers Hit Mother Lode – Scientific American

Big news in Gravitational Wave science was made yesterday when scientists announced that they had successfully observed the gravitational waves caused by two colliding neutron stars. What makes this particular event more notable—indeed historic—is that were able to make a multitude of other observations stemming from the collision, including the formation of heavy elements like…

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Physical Therapy & Gravity: Interview with Janet Carscadden DPT

We are subject to the forces of gravity from the very moment we are conceived. In the womb, the body works, grows, and begins to thrive in harmony with gravity. Our cells, muscles, and bones find proper alignment in response to gravity’s influence. This effect is something we share irrespective of our religion, socio-economic status,…

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