About Gravity & You

We—and every living creature and inanimate object—live in a constant relationship to our planet's gravitational pull. Earth's gravity is pervasive and controls everything with the exact same force, yet we don’t tend to pay much attention to it. We go through our day seemingly unaware that this force is constantly working on us.

We believe that it is the pervasive and controlling nature of gravity that makes it so important. It is the glue that not only keeps the moon in its orbit around the earth, but that holds everything together in an arc of commonality and inclusiveness.

We offer this site as an aide to help us become more aware of gravity—to allow us to think about gravity in a new light, and, by extension, to permit us to experience a broader perspective and understanding of how the world functions and what our place is in it.

We think that this kind of understanding can contribute to social justice. If we can begin to understand how gravity affects us all, then we can begin to discuss our differences from a solid foundation of commonality, one free of the divisive barriers that politics, ideology, tribalism, and nationalism have thrown up over the centuries of human thought.

As our world fills up with people, and we face the existential challenges of diminishing resources, pollution, and climate change on a global scale, we need a way to respond that can ensure the survival of our species and the long-term health of the planet that shelters us. We think that gravity holds the key.

The Birth of an Idea

Read Gravity Rules founder, Lee Minkler's discussion of the origins of Gravity Rules


C. Jane Taylor

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. This is Jane’s practice. As a professional writer, her dance with gravity takes many forms: yoga, dual-sport motorcycling, kayaking, dog-walking, dancing in the kitchen... Even at her desk, she engages Newton’s first law. Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair, she keeps moving as she finds balance in language and in her body.

John Hadden

John wears a lot of different hats: Father and husband, musician and songwriter, photographer and graphic designer, audio engineer and business consultant, runner and skier, a few random others. John owns and operates Resting Lion Studio, a graphic design and digital recording studio in Huntington, Vermont.  He is also one half of The Swing Peepers, a multi-instrumental duo performing goofy, fun music and improvisational stories for kids and families throughout Vermont and New England. John produces a daily Weather Blog and posts frequently to his Photogaphy Blog as well.

Lee Minkler

Business Founder
Off-Shore Skipper
Army Officer
Boat Builder
Home Owner
Charity Founder
Professional Skier
Church Officer