Welcome to Gravity and You

This project is dedicated to helping us gain a better understanding the role of gravity in our lives.

Gravity affects us constantly, yet we seem to go through our days without paying much attention to it.

We feel that, by gaining a better understanding our relationship with gravity, we can live happier, healthier lives.

"Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women."

Joss Whedon

Gravity is a universal force that acts upon each of us and shapes every aspect of our existence. It affects all things—people, plants, animals, planets, solar systems, and galaxies—equally without purpose or intention.

You feel its effects every day. You’re feeling it right now—in the soles of your feet, in your butt on your seat.

The Gravity Rules Project encourages a better understanding of gravity’s inescapable role in life on earth with the hopes that such understanding will spark dialogue, compassion, kindness, and tolerance.


Health & Wellness

The connection between gravity and health & wellness might not seem so obvious, but balance, strength, mindfulness, and happiness are inextricably bound to it!


Gravity Exercises

Want to get to know gravity? Here's where we'll post articles and videos with simple, easy movement ideas to help get you in touch.


Gravity Fun

Humans have been playing with gravity for as long as we've been on two feet. We'll comb the web to see what kinds of fun people are having with gravity.


Gravity Science

Of course we're going to talk about the science of gravity! We may not really understand how it works (yet), but there's lots of interesting science being done.


Gravity Art

Artists over the millennia have addressed gravity through painting, sculpture, dance, and music, and other less obvious ways.


Interviews with Professionals

People in all sorts of professions deal first hand with gravity. Whether it's your physical therapist helping you heal, or an architect making sure a building doesn't tumble, they have ideas to share.


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