Though my understanding of gravity hovers somewhere slightly below that of a high-school psychics student (make that junior high), I have joined the Gravity Guys, Lee Minkler and John Hadden, in their uplifting adventure because Gravity and You is about more than gravity. The goal of Gravity and You is healing divisiveness by acknowledging and even having some fun with the undeniable force of gravity that affects us all equally regardless of socio-economic status, religion, nationality, gender, orientation…It is a great and lofty goal that can be reached only in company.

In a word, Gravity and You is about unity. A simple and huge concept. Lee and I meet to talk about it regularly. He describes the project this way: “If we can begin to understand how gravity affects us all, then we can begin to discuss our differences from a solid foundation of commonality, one free of the divisive barriers that politics, ideology, tribalism, and nationalism have thrown up over the centuries of human thought.”

In this blog series, I’ll try to recapture some of our lunchtime conversations. And because unity does not exist without you, I invite you to discuss, refute, enjoy, share, and help us build what we hope will become a new online home for seekers, skeptics, the faithful, the faithless, and friends.

You can access this series under the tag “Lunch with Lee”.

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