Interviews with Professionals

People in all sorts of professions deal first hand with gravity. Whether it's your physical therapist helping you heal, or an architect making sure a building doesn't tumble, they have ideas to share.

CrossFit and Gravity: An Interview with Ian Marquis

By Jane Taylor | November 7, 2017 |

Without gravity, life as we know it would not be possible. Without gravity, fitness as we know it would not be possible. In this interview with fitness instructor Ian Marquis at Champlain Valley CrossFit, we explore gravity’s role in strength training. “Gravity definitely plays a role in our work…it is not something that we are…

Physical Therapy & Gravity: Interview with Janet Carscadden DPT

By johnhadden | October 4, 2017 |

We are subject to the forces of gravity from the very moment we are conceived. In the womb, the body works, grows, and begins to thrive in harmony with gravity. Our cells, muscles, and bones find proper alignment in response to gravity’s influence. This effect is something we share irrespective of our religion, socio-economic status,…