We are subject to the forces of gravity from the very moment we are conceived. In the womb, the body works, grows, and begins to thrive in harmony with gravity. Our cells, muscles, and bones find proper alignment in response to gravity’s influence. This effect is something we share irrespective of our religion, socio-economic status, cultural background, ethnicity, gender, age.

Throughout our lifetime, gravity is integral to our growth and wellness as humans. In this interview Janet Carscadden DPT and owner at Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga describes how the practice of physical therapy uses the body’s response to gravity to facilitate healing. The Gravity and You Project posits that we can also use gravity to facilitate the healing of our communities and ultimately of society.

Join this peaceful revolution of human cooperation by replacing divisive belief systems such as racism, homophobia, nationalism, etc., with a world view based on reason, justice, compassion, and shared experience.

Gravity is our shared medium and playground. Under its influence, we can come together.

Don’t you agree?

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